Reservation Fees

The best way to ensure getting a future puppy from us is to be on our waitlist.  We do not like having a long list of families waiting for puppies, we only allow families our our list ready to adopt within the next 6-9 months and limit the number of families on the list. We are now accepting applications for our litters going home in 2022. Reservation Fee's are $300 and Non-Refundable.


Our list is much different than most lists you see out there, families are not limited to a certain breed, litter, size, etc.. They can join as many litter lists as they would like to be on - just be aware prices vary. Our goal is to help match families with the puppy they are looking for as quickly as possible so if they are open to multiple litters we do not limit them to one. Waitlist open once heath clearances are passed to ensure we are breeding healthy dogs to make healthy puppies!  


Litter Notification

Step 1

When a litter is born we post videos, photos and updates almost daily on our Instagram page.  When our litters are approximately 3 weeks old we send out a Litter Notification email to the first 25 families on our Priority Notification List whose preferences meet what the litter is. The email includes info on parents, puppies, price, go home dates, puppy selection dates and any other relevant information.  Families on the list then have 5 days to respond if they are interested in that litter.


Litter Selection List

Step 2

At around 4 weeks old any family that replied that they were interested in the litter will be sent an email with the Litter Selection List.  It will show the selection order for the litter based on families that replied, the list always goes in order of the date deposits were paid.  It will also include the date of puppy selection. We will continue to post regularly on Instagram & Facebook so you can watch these puppies grow and see their little personalities develop prior to puppy selection.


Puppy Selection

Step 3

When the puppies are 6 weeks old we will complete our final assessments to discuss with families along with photos and videos along with the puppy selection times.  We then begin puppy selection where our list families select their puppy!