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F1 Bernedoodles

Violet was bred with Tate - a stunning Bernese Mountain Dog owned by Barefoot Springs Bernese. I am ecstatic for this litter! Why… because the temperaments and health testing are phenomenal on top of beauty!

Tate comes from Polish lines and was goofy and loving when I first me him. He welcomed pats and ear rubs from me, a stranger and just seemed happy go lucky. He has a gorgeous blocky head and his coat was thick, long, and luxurious. I admired his personality with me and also with Violet. He has 22 titles in his Pedigree with most being Champion and Grand Champion Titles.


Violet is our standard poodle and she’s smart as a whip! She learned things very easily and is eager to please. She loves to run and play but knows how to turn it off and chill in the house - which I appreciate. She can be snuggly when she wants but is happy doing her own thing. She doesn't need constant attention or to be glued to my side. 


Both parents have passed health testing. Violet had PennHIP done which measures laxity- she scored in the top 5% for standard poodles meaning she has some of the tightest hips among her breed. They both have OFA Good Hips & Elbows. Both Parents are DNA Clear.

I expect all these puppies to be laid back, friendly dogs. They'll be a bit goofy and fun and make great pets for anyone or any family. They'll be raised on our top of the line curriculum and dewormed 4x and receive 1 set of puppy shots from our Louisiana Licensed Vet. They'll be ISO Certified Microchipped and come with 30 days Free Pet Insurance from Trupanion. And my personal favorite: a Snuggle Puppy for a littermates scent item. 


No available puppies - 4/24/2022.
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LITTER NAME: Harry Potter Litter
SIRE: Tate (AKC Bernese Mountain Dog)
DAM: Violet (AKC Standard Poodle)
 Black Tricolor & Blue Merle Tricolor
PUPPY COUNT: Around March 21
BORN: March 31st, 2022

EXPECTED SIZE: 50-100lbs
PUPPY PICKS: Available Now
FINAL PAYMENT DUE: After 6w vet appointment
GO HOME: June 2

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