These are some of my favorite and highly suggested things to buy ahead. I'm a big fan of Amazon Prime. I Subscribe & Save on dry dog food, treats, puppy pads, and it's really my go-to. Many of these items are also found at Walmart, Target, PetSmart at competitive prices.

A crate is a must have if you are planning on crate training. I suggest one with a divider. This kennel will last a lifetime. Aria's kennel is the 48 inch. 

Food & Water Bowls - self explanatory!

We are big fans of Purina Pro Plan. We recommend following Pro Plan recommendations for feeding amounts. 

You can dump the whole bag in here and it stays fresh. Also easy enough for big kids to help feed. If I'm being completely honest, I can stand on mine as a step stool. I'm vertically challenged at 5'2". 

I like this scooper because it has measurements on the inner rings. 

This neutralizes urine, poop, vomit, drool and stains. You need it! 

Puppy Pads are great for those first few weeks while house breaking.

Cheaper alternative if you have ribbon and can hang from the door.

Potty Bells on doors are one of my TOP recommendations! This will make your life so much easier. Bell Train, look it up!

Highly recommend bully sticks! Rawhides are not digestible and can cause problems. These are made from Bull (cow) pizzle. These are great treat for crate training. They'll last hours to days. 

Another good training treat option.

These are small, bite sized pieces. Soft enough to break into 2 treats but still stay formed.

Part 1: This is called a Slicker Brush for grooming your dog. If you want a big, fluffy NOT MATTED DOG, you're going to need this. 

Part 2: Metal Comb. This gets to the skin where mats form and begin. You need this too. I'm sending one in your puppy bag on Gotcha Day. 

Mini tennis balls are fun!  Every time they bring the ball back to you, praise big!

I keep water all times in the kennel. Aria has the 1 quart and I fill it daily. She could use the 2 quart.

Our Adults are on Purina ProPlan Savor

Aria has this in her kennel. She prefers a cold surface on the floor over a pet bed.