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Guardian Homes


All dogs deserve to be raised as a loving pets in their forever home from the beginning. We raise our dogs as pets, first and foremost, in our home. They are very much apart of our family, and are loving and loyal companions. Our Guardian Home Program allows an exceptional breeding prospect to be placed with their forever family from puppyhood. This puppy is expected to be a full-time pet of the guardian home. Once the puppy reaches maturity the dog will become a mom or dad in our program once s/he passes health testing. He/she will come to our home to breed, then spend the rest of her pregnancy with her family. For males, they have "dates" and are return to their family once breeding is completed. We have an open door policy with our guardian families and YES! We absolutely want you to come visit your mommy dog and her puppies. 

Boxwood Doodles has exclusive breeding rights of the male or female placed in a guardian home, so he/she can't be bred to males/females outside of our program. As a guardian home, your job is to love, train, and take good care of the dog.

She or He is placed for FREE. You pay for vet appointments, grooming, and flea/tick prevention. You make a commission from each litter

You must live within a 3 hour radius of Ruston, Louisiana


For a female: During puppyhood, we like to stay in contact with you. When she is of breeding age, she will come to our home for breeding between 3-8 days, and return to the guardian home for the duration of pregnancy. When she is a week before her due date, she will come to our house to whelp, raise, and wean puppies for the next 8 weeks. We have an open door policy with our guardian families and they can visit any time while she is in our care. Once puppies go to their forever family, she returns to her guardian home. She will do this 1-3 times during her breeding career with her health always put first.  Once her breeding career is complete, she is yours to spay and keep. 

For a male: During puppyhood, we will stay in contact. When he is over a year old, I'll complete his health testing. Once he passes, he's officially a Stud for Boxwood Doodles. We will only need access to him whenever he needs to have a "date" with one of his girlfriends. It could be as simple as you taking him to the vet for a collection, then bringing him back home or we'll come get him for a few hours. When his breeding career is complete he is yours to keep.

Overall, you are getting a premium dog without paying the pet price. In return, you are obligated to make him/her available for visits and all breeding related contact. Once our contract is complete, the dog will be spayed or neutered and is yours to keep. 


You will also make a commission from each litter for females or studding for males.


Guardian Home will agree to:

  • Agree to train the puppy with basic manners and obedience. 

  • Keep the female dog away from ANY intact males during the duration of her heat cycle.  

  • Not have any other intact animals in the home for the duration of an active contract with us.

  • Communicate promptly with regards to heat cycle, testing, breeding, whelping, and any other breeding activities as well as anything that could affect the health and well being of the dog. 

  • Socialize the dog with all people of different races, ages, and sizes. Also other animals for the first year of it's life..

  • Keep him/her groomed and well maintained.

  • Notify the breeder of any vet appointments. 

  • Keep the dog up to date on vaccinations, and flea/tick preventatives and will possibly hold these if breeding. 

Breeder is responsible for:

  • Payment of all health testing for breeding, and any breeding related expenses.

  • Care for the dog while he/she is with us for breeding and whelping.

  • Breeder covers cost of feeding during this time. 

Fill out a Puppy Application and make sure you click the box that you are interested in being a guardian home.

Guardian families sign a legally binding contract agreeing to the terms. Before being matched with a dog, all potential guardian homes may be required to participate in a home visit and background check. This does not guarantee you will be chosen. Please be aware that the guardian home program requires us to have a very close relationship during the time our contract is in place.

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