Reservation Fees

The best way to ensure getting a future puppy from us is to be on our waitlist.  We do not like having a long list of families waiting for puppies, we only allow families our our list ready to adopt within the next 6-9 months and limit the number of families on the list. We are now accepting applications for our litters going home in 2022. Reservation Fee's are $300 and Non-Refundable.


Step 1

Read our Contracts

We have 2 contracts. 

Please read over these before filling out an application.


Step 5


 Once Boxwood Doodles has made our selections, we will open selections to the waitlist. Selections are made in order of deposits received. We offer pictures, videos, Facetime, and our locals can come visit. Some families know right off the bat who they want, and others need more time. We give families 24 hours to decide before moving on to the next person in line. 


Step 2

Submit Application

Once you've read these and agree to the terms, fill out an application here. Once approved, you will receive a call or text (depending on your preference) and an email with instructions for Step 3...


Step 6

Full Payment

The remaining balance and signature of the Sales & Health Agreement is due when puppies are 6 weeks old and after our 6 week wellness and vet check from our Louisiana Licensed Veterinarian. When we square away money, it makes for a smoother Gotcha Day. Please refer to the RSVP email on how to send final payment. Only Zelle, Cash, or Check are accepted. You can always mail a check and I can hold onto it until you give me the okay to deposit it.


Step 3

Place RSVP Fee

Once your application is approved, you may place a $300 reservation fee by following the instructions on the email along with a signed Reservation Fee Contract. You can email to text me the contract. The waitlist is constructed in order of deposits received and kept up to date on the website.


Step 7

Gotcha Day

Our puppies are ready for their new homes once they reach 8 weeks of age or otherwise cleared by our Louisiana Licensed Vet. Due to schdules, you should absolutely plan to pick up your puppy in Choudrant, Louisiana. If your puppy is being transported via flight nanny, we should have arrangements in place. 


Step 4

Litter Notification

Follow us on Social Media. We will post updates of pregnancy and when the litter arrives. Once the litter arrives, we will notify our waitlist for interest. If you are for sure interested in getting a puppy.


Step 8


  • You have 3 days to get your pup checked by your Vet should mine had overlooked anything. 

  • Make a grooming appointment for 16 weeks AND after all vaccinations have been given. 

  • No paws on the floor of high traffic dog places: dog parks, vets, pet stores. PARVO is deadly and an $2,000+ vet bill.

  • Activate your free 30 days Trupanion Insurance.

  • Begin training and setting the rules as soon as you get home. 

Our list is much different than most lists you see out there, families are not limited to a certain breed, litter, size, etc.. Our goal is to help match families with the puppy they are looking for as quickly as possible. Waitlist open once the parents have passed heath clearances to ensure we are breeding healthy dogs to make healthy puppies! 
Repeat families get a $250 discount

Boxwood Doodles always has the first 2 selections of every litter should we decide to hold back a puppy or 2 for our program

BD = Bernedoodle
AMD - Australian Mountain Doodle

MT f/m - Merle Tri Gender
BT f/m = Black Tri Gender
MP f/m = Merle Phantom Gender
BP f/m = Black Phantom Gender
R f/m = Red Gender


  1. Breeder - Boxwood Doodles

  2. Breeder - Boxwood Doodles

  3. Courtney N - Standard BD MTF

  4. Sager- Standard BD BTF (Reese x Murphy)

  5. ​Elaine C - Medium or Standard (Repeat Family)



  1. Breeder - Boxwood Doodles

  2. Breeder - Boxwood Doodles

  3. ​Elaine C - Medium or Standard

  4. Hannah M - Medium (Reese x Murphy)

  5. Sager- Standard BD BTF (Reese x Murphy)



  1. Breeder - Boxwood Doodles

  2. Breeder - Boxwood Doodles

  3. ​​Keith R - Mini (Bonnie x Winston)

  4. Sarah W - Mini (Repeat Family)

  5. Katie W - Mini RF

  6. Summer H - Mini