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Meet Our Incredible Parent Dogs 

All of our parent dogs are family companion dogs first. They all live with either us or one of our amazing guardian homes.  We use studs from reputable breeders across the USA. By using outside Studs, it gives us genetic diversity and exceptional puppies.

RETIRED Aria is our non-fading, exceptionally marked  tricolor F1 Bernedoodle. She is loyal, laid back, and loving. She has the most easy-going temperament. She's the best mom to her puppies. Aria lives with the Myers Family as a their family pet and is retired. 


  • OFA Hips - GOOD

  • Bernedoodle Health Panel Clear


RETIRED Reese is a merle tricolor F1B Bernedoodle. She lives her best life with her guardian family who loves her dearly! Reese is very loving and tender, like her mom, Aria. She's calm and laid back. Reese is now retired. 

  • PennHip: .48 Hips = Normal

  • OFA Hips - GOOD

  • Bernedoodle Health Panel Clear


RETIRED Bonnie is a Black Tricolor F1b Mini Bernedoodle weighing 23 pounds and stands 14" tall. She is a true mini and is a fluff ball of LOVE! She's very affectionate and loves to be cuddled and near her humans. She's smart as a whip, too! Her dad jokes that if she had thumbs, he could teach her to text!

  • PennHIP: L. 0.48     R. 0.49 = Normal

  • OFA Hips - Fair

  • OFA Elbows - Normal

  • OFA Heart  - Normal

  • Bernedoodle Health Panel Clear


Lilli is a Black Tricolor F1 mini Bernedoodle. She's 17" tall and 26 lbs. She's eager to learn new tricks and loves her 2 human brothers. Lilli lives with her wonderful guardian family. 

  • PennHIP: L. 0.38     R.0.36 = Better than Average

  • OFA Hips - Fair

  • OFA Elbows - Normal

  • OFA Heart - Normal

  • OFA Patellas - Normal

  • Bernedoodle Health Panel Clear except

    • Degenerative Myelopathy SOD1B (Bernese Type)- 1 Copy (Gensol Dx)

  • PennHIP: To be completed Winter 2022

  • OFA Hips: To be Completed Winter 2022

  • OFA Elbows: To be Completed Winter 2022

  • OFA Heart: To be Completed Winter 2022

  • Aussiedoodle Health Panel Clear

Bitty Sugars

Bitty Sugars - Bitty for short- is a Black Tricolor Aussiedoodle with gorgeous, rare blue eyes. She's 17" tall and 30 pounds. She comes from show lines and has less of a drive to herd - which makes her very ideal for families and those with kids who want a smart dog who likes to play but has an off switch in the house. She's more laid back than your typical Australian Shepherd and is a fast learner. She likes to play Frisbee fetch and loves her daily walks. We adore her fantastic personality and her ultra loving guardian home!


Basil is a Mini Mulitgen Black Tricolor and predicted to weigh around 20-25lbs. She lives with her guardian family in Monroe, LA. Her mom brags shes the best puppy ever! She never pottied in the house while being trained and is fantastic on out of town trips and adventures. She's a well rounded dog thanks to her family's commitment to training her and her temperament. 

  • PennHIP: To be completed Fall  2023

  • OFA Hips: To be Completed Fall  2023

  • OFA Elbows: To be Completed Fall  2023

  • OFA Heart: To be Completed Fall  2023

  • Bernedoodle Health Panel Clear


This sweet girl has some growing to do but she is  a hopeful future mom to both our Bernedoodle and Australian Mountain Doodle program. She is a Medium Multigen Merle Tricolor and we expect her to mature to around 30-35lbs. She has the darkest, copper points and has a mellow but fun temperament. 

  • PennHIP: To be completed Fall  2023

  • OFA Hips: To be Completed Fall  2023

  • OFA Elbows: To be Completed Fall  2023

  • OFA Heart: To be Completed Fall  2023

  • Bernedoodle Health Panel Clear


Sadie is a mini MultiGen Australian Mountain Doodle. She has beautiful blue eyes, nice copper tan points, and a beautiful, flowy coat. All her puppies will have that teddy bear face we all love. Sadie lives in a guardian home.

  • PennHIP: To be completed Spring 2024

  • OFA Hips: To be Completed Spring 2024

  • OFA Elbows: To be Completed Spring 2024

  • OFA Heart: To be Completed Spring 2024

  • Australian Mountain Doodle Health Panel Clear except

    • DM - 1 copy (Animal Genetics)

Waylon Moon

Waylon is a Mini/Medium F1b Merle Tricolor Bernedoodle. He is 17 inches & 30 pounds. His temperament is as amazing as his beauty. He is laid back, enjoys meeting new people, and is a fast learner. His guardian family takes him everywhere in the Ruston area and people can't help but love and adore him!

  • OFA Elbows: Normal

  • OFA heart: Normal

  • OFA Patellas: Normal 

  • OFA Hips - Good

  • PennHIP - L. 0.48     R. 0.44 = Normal/Average

  • Bernedoodle Health Panel Clear


Gingy is a miniature AKC poodle. We project him to mature to 14lbs and stand 11-12" tall. Gingy comes from AKC Grand Champion lines and has the most perfect temperament that anyone or any stranger would love! He is a true lap dog and loves everyone without being a spastic dog. He is intense red and so dark in person, he almost looks brown. We can't wait to see his Cavapoo and Miniature Poodle puppies in the future. Gingy will be available to stud to all breeds once health testing (OFA) is complete. We do ask you test each puppy of his red offspring for Merle and educate buyers of this along with Spay/Neuter contracts.


  • Miniature Poodle Clear except:

    • 1 copy PRA-PRCD, 1 copy CDDY (Gensol Dx)


Gator is a micro mini estimated to weigh 15-18lbs at maturity. He is an absolute cuddle bug and has one of the best temperaments. We think he has a bright future not only with Boxwood Doodles but on his journey to become a Therapy Dog and visit local hospitals. 

  • OFA - Spring 2024

  • PennHIP - Spring 2024

  • Bernedoodle Health Panel Clear

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