Standard Bernedoodle
(F1, F1b, F2, Multigen)



(F1B, Multigen)



(F1B, Multigen)



50+ Pounds

22-25 Inches 

25-45 Pounds

18-22 Inches

10-24 Pounds

12-17 Inches




Bernedoodle Sizes at
Boxwood Doodles 

These are averages when comparing Standard, Medium and Mini. Please understand there is no guarantee to a specific size. 


 ** Breeder reserves first 2 picks of every litter**

Breeding Rights are NOT available at this time.

All puppies are sold on a legal and binding spay/neuter contract. 

A $500 non-refundable reservation fee is required to be placed on the waitlist. This $500 goes towards the total amount due.

If you reside in the State of Louisiana, you are subject to Louisiana sales tax.


What's included in the price?


One of our past Puppy Kits. If you are out of state and using a flight nanny, we can ship these items instead. 

Jeanette Forrey creator of Badass Breeder

  • Puppy Culture & Badass Breeder Curriculum

    • Exposure, Socialization, & Training

      • Early Neurological Stimulation​

      • Early Scent Stimulation

      • Exposure Loud Noises: Vacuum, Music, TV, Cranking Vehicle, Lawn Mower, Fireworks, Etc.

      • Exposure to different Floor textures: Carpet, Concrete, Grass, Turf, Gravel

      • Exercises that challenge the mind

      • Daily 1-on-1 time, Socialization from various children and adults

      • Exposure to other dogs & 1 cat (tolerant of dogs)

      • Introduction to: Crate Training, Potty Training, Bell Training

      • Litter Training (read Puppy Culture on how this helps with Housebreaking your new puppy) 

      • Training to sit & mand (this is where they learn to sit to get attention and not jump)

  • A 1 year Health Warranty that your puppy will be free from any inherited disease, which impairs a long life, for up to 1 year of life.

  • 1 month free Trupanion Pet Insurance

  • Medical Record Pamphlet of vaccinations and dewormers.

    • Vaccinated and Vet Checked from a Licensed Veterinarian.

    • Dewormed at 2, 4, 6, 8 weeks

  • Your puppy will be microchipped with a ISO Certified Microchipped  that includes free lifetime registration 

  • 1 month of Heartgard (heartworm prevention)

  • CKC Registration papers for Bernedoodles if available. AKC for our Poodles

  • Puppy Kit:

    • Litter scent item (blanket, toy, etc.)

    • An bag of Victor Hi-Pro Plus Puppy Food

    • A clicker to continue clicker training if you so choose to 

    • Metal Comb

    • Bells to continue bell training

Jane Messineo Lindquist creator of Puppy Culture